ATARI computer world in 2016

I am re-entering the ATARI computer world in 2016.

Where did I leave it behind? Somewhere around 1999 I think. The Windows pc had become too important in my work and life. Windows 2000, XP and more followed. At the end of 2015 I completely lost the fun of using these so called modern computers. Is there anything else than internet watching on a pc or tablet? Time to get back to basics. Back to the Atari’s.

On the Atari ST and Falcon030 I was always busy creating things. Programs, music, graphics. I remember the fun and enhausiasm. I want it back.

I still have all my old computers. From the 800XL to STfm and the Falcon030. In the nineties I also collected some other formats like ZX Spectrum, QL and and MSX and some game computer systems. The Atari’s always were my main computers systems in the past.

So there it is the Falcon030 reconnected and running a game I coded around 1995. Reading the GFA Basic sources gets my memory back very fast. What is it fun to create something even if it is simple or not to modern standards.

It looks like many people still use their old computers. Some people call it retro-computing, some people call it different or nerdy or fun.

Found the old documents with ideas and sources for this and other projects. That makes it easy to start programming on the Atari again.

Back in the eighties and early nineties there was no Internet. All my knowledge came from magazines, public domain diskettes and reading books, many books. I still find it easier to learn from a printed book then from the internet. The internet is always new and endless and good for sharing, but many times you get lost on it and you will loose your concentration on the subject you were looking for.

I used an Atari SLM804 Laser printer for printing at the ST and Falcon. At the Falcon I got a special interface called Heatseaker. It looked like a small black box and it replaced the ST interface and was connected to the dsp port of the Falcon030. It must be here somewhere. It could come in handy because it was very fast. I wonder if the SLM804 is still ok after more than 15 years of doing nothing.



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